About Azzurra Vino


My family and I have lived on a houseboat in Venice for more than 25 years from which our everyday lives and working life originated. We have had many maritime projects because of my husbands profession as a shipsbuilder and have owned several sailboats and vaporettos.



When our children moved away from home, we felt it was time to return home to Denmark, where we chose to buy a house on Ærø. Our new home became The Old Smithy in Pilebækken in Ærøskøbing. Here was the authentic atmosphere and the settings for the business that I wanted.


The idea originated from the question of whether you can sell wine on Ærø? And with my contacts i Italy, I started a wine sale. It is based on small non-commercial producers who have a limited stock. True wine farming, which has not been over-industrialized and uses fewer pesticides and other poisons. A large part of the wine, that I sell, is actually organic and has certification for it.


The name Azzurra is inspired fy the name of one of our sailingboats, and is also a specific italian blue color.



My store is like a quick trip to Italy, where you can discover wine and other italian delights. The range changes with the seasons and will never be completely the same. So you are guaranteed a new experience every time you visit Azzurra Vino in Pilebækken.


I always guide you well and help you choose the wine you need. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me and I will do my best to help you.





Anne Kiersgaard,
Owner, Azzurra Vino