Before dinner or as a light refreshment on the terrace!

Gin Collesi is an Italian gin from Fabbrica della Birra Tenute Collesi SRL in Tuscany, and with tonic from San Pellegrino: it is a MUST for summer parties.

It has a sweet and fruity sent and it has a plesant and surprising taste. Gold winner of the “World Gin Awards” – Best Italian Contemporary 2018, as well as several other awards. 42.80% vol.

The characteristic bottles of Aperol Soda and Campari Soda are both Italian classics for “aperitivo” or “happy hour”.

They can be enjoyed, with ice as they are or mix up with prosecco, decorated with orange slice and a big green olive. Then you have “Spritz con Aperol” or “Spritz con Bitter”. One of the most popular drinks in Northern Italy.

Less well known is Spritz Bianco which is simply white wine with soda. A very refreshing and alcoholic drink, that originates from Austria and is the original Spritz. The legend says that the Austrian soldiers drank Spritz Bianco in the past, because of the poor quality of the drinking water.

Have a nice long summer with lots of bubbles on the terrace!