News at Azzurra Vino!

For a number of years, I have spent a part of winter in the southwestern part of France, more precisely – Canal du Midi, where we live on our boat, a Dutch tugboat from 1910.

However, I have never really fallen in love with the French wines (At times we brought wine from Italy with us to France to make it through the winter and it’s a bit like taking sand to the Sahara)

This year I  made an exception, when I discovered the wines from La Provenquière, which I immediately liked.

La Provenquière is a true castle with three towers and a rather strange architecture located in Languedoc, near Capestang on the Canal du Midi.

The family Robert grows their own wine and is part of the French movement “Vignerons Independent”, whose motto is to cultivate wine with passion. The car was loaded to the breaking point and the wines can now be found and tasted in the store.

I do not know if it will be the GREAT love – my heart is Italian, but it is wines which taste and smell of summer and sun, so you never know.

I’m looking forward to presenting the wines to you.

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